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In a sunny Saturday morning at the Newburg Farmers Market and a group of middle and high schoolers participating in the Warrick County Summer Musical Production sing a different version of the song Shrek.

This year’s Newburgh’s famers market not only brings joy to human ears. Visitors are thrilled to bring their dogs and find something special for them.

UE fires Simmons

Mar 14, 2018

The University of Evansville is looking for a new men’s basketball coach.

UE Director of Athletics Mark Spencer has announced that Marty Simmons has been relieved of his duties as head coach.

On the Aces’ web site, Spencer said the decision was “difficult” because Simmons has been a part of UE basketball for 3 decades both as a player and a coach.

But Spencer said under Simmons’ leadership, UE has not achieved the “level of competitive excellence” the university expects.

Man, son killed in Uniontown fire

Mar 14, 2018

A man and his son are dead following Tuesday’s mobile home fire in Union County. 

Firefighters were dispatched to the blaze in the 300 block of Adams Street in Uniontown at about 5:30 Tuesday morning.

They extinguished the flames and found two bodies inside the mobile home.

In a news release, Kentucky State Police identified the victims as 68-year-old Charles Shockley and his son, 41-year-old Jesse Shockley.

The KSP said detectives were “actively investigating” the blaze but they said “nothing appears suspicious.”

The fire destroyed the home.

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¿Qué Pasa MidWest?

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¿QPM? 10: Cubans in the Midwest and the end of the Castro regime.

In this episodio we’re going to go back in Cuban history. Last year, Cuba announced that next month, en Marzo del 2018, they will have elections to choose new members of the National Assembly. See this is historico because after that the new parliament will choose the country’s next president. Raul Castro or the Castro’s for that matter will no longer be in power after six decades of dictatorship. En los cicuenta, Fidel Castro headed an attack against the barracks Moncada of Santiago de Cuba,...

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A man reportedly killed himself with an explosive device early Wednesday as police tried to arrest him in connection with a string of deadly bombings in the Austin, Texas, area this month.

In Gangnam, the upscale Seoul district south of the Han River bisecting the city, one of the area's biggest industries is evident on people's faces: On the streets, patients are wearing nose guards and bandages, fresh from facial fix-ups. High-rises soar with a cosmetic surgery clinic on every floor, and in the subway stations, floor-to-ceiling advertisements feature images of women's uniformly wide-eyed, youthful faces — all with the message that you, too, can look this way if you go to the right clinic.

Authorities suspect that a "serial bomber" is behind the explosions that have killed two and injured several others in the Texas capital. As more than 500 investigators and bomb techs look for clues to catch the culprit, they likely are relying on lessons learned from past serial bombers and their varied motives.

The Affordable Care Act very nearly failed to become law back in 2010 because of a dispute among Democrats over how to handle abortion in the bill.

Now a similar argument between Democrats and Republicans is slowing progress on a bill that could help cut soaring premiums and help stabilize the ACA.

At issue is the extent to which the Hyde Amendment — language commonly used by Congress to prohibit most federal abortion funding — should be incorporated into any new legislation affecting the health law.

Top executives at Cambridge Analytica, the U.K.-based firm embroiled in a controversy over the mining of Facebook user data, have been secretly recorded describing the stealthy methods they used to help get Donald Trump elected.

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Holcomb Extends CBD Enforcement Moratorium

Jan 26, 2018

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Friday he’s extending a moratorium on enforcement of Indiana’s law banning sales of cannabidiol, or CBD.

Holcomb says he wants to give lawmakers more time to develop legislation that’s expected to change that law.

Student Press Freedom Bill Advances Out Of Committee

Jan 25, 2018

Indiana public school students would have freedom of the press protections under legislation approved by a House committee Thursday.

But the bill is still on shaky ground as principals, superintendents, and school boards oppose it.

Plainfield High School student journalist Anu Nattam’s publication was censored by school officials after a school board member’s family complained about its content – none of which violated traditional media decency guidelines.

A greater push for STEM education is setting the tone for many of this year’s legislative agendas, and part of that push is a bill in the House that would make it possible for elementary school teachers to earn a special license in math.

Ball State University professor Sheryl Stump says it’s an incentive for educators to learn more about and better teach the subject.

“According to the needs and plans of their school districts, they could continue to work primarily with students, or they could work as mathematics coaches or teacher leaders,” she says.

Lawmakers approved a House floor amendment Thursday to require yearly sexual harassment training for all state lawmakers.

The provision would require lawmakers take at least one hour of sexual harassment training each year. Exactly what qualifies as training would be decided by the House Speaker and the Senate President Pro Tem.

Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis) says such a move is long overdue.

“And I don’t believe that Indiana has done everything right. But we certainly are on the path to doing so,” Macer says.

Indiana’s unemployment rate went down in December, the second consecutive month it’s fallen.

The rate fell to 3.4 percent last month. That represents a drop of half of a percent since October.

Helping that drop in December: the private sector added 6,000 jobs, led by the manufacturing industry.

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